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Usta Acrobat

Robot Model Plastic Handle With Adjustable Angle, Nickel Ferrule, Specially

Designed To Reach Difficult Corners & Can Be Used With Telescopic Pole

ART. NO. 02180 02181
SIZE 3 4
THIC. mm 15.5 15.5
L.O. mm 56 62
SKU: 02180

Introducing our Robot Model Brush, the ultimate tool for conquering tricky painting tasks with ease and precision. Crafted with innovation and functionality in mind, this brush is designed to revolutionize your painting experience.

Featuring a durable plastic handle with an adjustable angle, our brush offers unparalleled flexibility and control. Easily adjust the angle to suit your needs, allowing you to reach even the most difficult corners and angles with ease. Say goodbye to awkward stretching and straining—our brush adapts to your painting needs effortlessly.

Paired with a sturdy nickel ferrule, our brush is built to withstand the rigors of any painting project. Whether you’re using water-based or solvent-based paints, our brush maintains its integrity, delivering consistent results every time.



THIC. mm

L.O. mm


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