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BIRLESIK FIRCA is following novelties closely and very sensitive as well for today’s and future demands.

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StarGil Brushes Worldwide

60+ countries since 1958. If it can be traveled to, we export there.

Since 1958 Birlesik Firca is focused mainly paint brush manufacturing. Today we export to 6 continents more than 57 countries including China.

That's quite an impressive journey for Birlesik Firca! Expanding your reach to six continents and over 57 countries, including China, demonstrates a remarkable global presence. As a company dedicated to paint brush manufacturing since 1958, you've likely encountered numerous challenges and triumphs along the way.

Your ability to adapt to changing market dynamics, technological advancements, and evolving customer preferences must have played a pivotal role in your success. Furthermore, exporting to such diverse regions implies a deep understanding of international trade regulations, cultural nuances, and logistical intricacies.

Continuing this trajectory, you might be exploring avenues for further growth, such as diversifying your product range, expanding into new markets, or enhancing your manufacturing processes. With a strong foundation built over decades, Birlesik Firca seems poised to continue thriving in the global marketplace.

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