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Angle Sash Fuchsia

Angle Sash Model Raw Wooden Handle, Stainless Steel Ferrule

ART. NO. 04450-F-IMT 04451-F-IMT 04452-F-IMT 04453-F-IMT 04454-F-IMT
SIZE 1″ (25) 1.5″ (38) 2″ (50) 2.5″ (65) 3″ (76)
THIC. mm 8.5 13.5 15 17 17
L.O. mm 55 60 66 73 79
SKU: 04450-F-IMT

Introducing our Angle Sash Model Brush, a versatile and reliable tool designed to enhance your painting experience. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this brush is perfect for achieving crisp lines and precise edges on a variety of surfaces.

Featuring a raw wooden handle, our Angle Sash Model Brush exudes rustic charm while providing a comfortable grip for extended use. The angled design allows for greater control and accuracy, making it ideal for cutting in corners and painting trim with ease.


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THIC. mm

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L.O. mm

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