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Emulsion Brush

Self-colored Plastic Handle, Back & Clip, Nickel Ferrule

ART. NO. 11520 11522 11524 11525 11526 11528
SIZE 3X7 3X10 3X12 4X12 4X14 5X15
L.O. mm 45 45 45 45 51 51
SKU: 11520

Self-colored Plastic Handle Brush with Back & Clip feature, meticulously designed to streamline your painting experience. Crafted with precision and convenience in mind, this brush combines ergonomic design with practicality to meet the needs of artists at every level.

The self-colored plastic handle offers a comfortable and lightweight grip, allowing for extended use without fatigue. Its sleek design incorporates a unique Back & Clip feature, providing a secure attachment point for easy storage and transportation. Simply clip the brush to your easel, apron, or palette, keeping it within reach whenever inspiration strikes.



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