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Pinceaux De Pouce Bi-Color

Round Raw Wooden Handle, Copper Ferrule

ART. NO. 11330-WDP-DLT 11300-WDP-DLT 11302-WDP-DLT 11304-WDP-DLT
SIZE 3/0 0 2 4
⌀ mm 15 18 21 25
L.O. mm 57 63 71 71
SKU: 11330-WDP-DLT

Round Raw Wooden Handle Brush, a testament to simplicity and functionality in artistic tools. Crafted with a focus on traditional craftsmanship, this brush embodies the essence of natural materials and timeless design.

The handle, made from untreated raw wood, offers a tactile and organic feel, inviting artists to connect with their materials on a deeper level. Its smooth, rounded surface fits comfortably in hand, providing a natural grip that promotes freedom of movement and artistic expression.


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THIC. mm

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L.O. mm

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