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Radiator Short

Short Radiator Model Raw Wooden Handle, Nickel Ferrule, Solvent Resistant

ART. NO. 08041-BS 08042-BS 08043-BS
SIZE 25 (1″) 35 (1.5″) 50 (2″)
THIC. mm 9 9 9
L.O. mm 46 46 46
SKU: 08141-BS

Introducing our Short Radiator Model Brush, a specialized tool meticulously crafted to tackle challenging painting tasks with ease and precision. Engineered for efficiency and durability, this brush is your solution for achieving flawless finishes in tight spaces.

Featuring a raw wooden handle, our Short Radiator Model Brush offers a rustic charm coupled with ergonomic design. The shortened handle provides enhanced maneuverability and control, allowing you to navigate around obstacles with ease while maintaining a comfortable grip.


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THIC. mm

L.O. mm

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