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Polyester (Cage)

  • Fits Cage System Handles
  • For Interior Surfaces
ART. NO. CAGE-18-3860 CAGE-23-3860
SIZE 18 CM (7″) 23 CM (9″)
CORE DIAMETER ⌀ 38 MM (1.5″) 33
SKU: CAGE-18-3860

Polyester Cage Paint Roller, a versatile and reliable tool designed for interior surface painting projects. Crafted with premium polyester fibers and tailored to fit cage system handles, this roller ensures smooth and efficient painting, making it an essential addition to your toolkit.

Engineered to seamlessly fit onto cage system handles, our Polyester Cage Paint Roller provides a secure and stable connection, allowing for precise and controlled painting strokes. Whether you’re painting walls, ceilings, or trim, this roller offers ease of use and consistent coverage




38 MM (1.5"), 38 MM (1.5")

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